Mike Pompeo is the new US Secretary of State

The White House released in April 26 a photo of Mike Pompeo, then the CIA’s director, in an encounter in Pyongyang with Kim Jong-Un, the North Korea’s leader. Soon the picture spread among the newspapers, it was clear that Korea would finally open itself to the world. According to President Trump, Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong-Un got along well. This bold move made Pompeo one of the top names in América’s diplomacy.

The Senate of the United States voted for a new Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo was elected after a nomination from Donald Trump himself. Pompeo occupied the Director’s position in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is a former Kansas congressman and served the Army. Pompeo’s got support from the majority number of senators: 57 votes against 42. Most of the preview administrators had at least 85 votes in the Senate.

Now Pompeo is in charge of America’s foreign policy, working side by side with Donald Trump, the President of the United States, one of the most powerful politicians in the world nowadays. His prime tasks are considerably important and sensitive for the USA’s diplomacy and consists in taking part at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), immigrants situation in the USA and issues in Middle East and relations with North Korea.

Responsibilities of a Secretary of State

From now on, Mike Pompeo must run the Department of State, supervise foreign activities considering diplomacy and advise the President at diplomatic matters. Is also part of his job negotiate agreements, participate in conferences representing the United States, assure protection for American citizens living abroad, among other duties.

But one thing is more urgent than any other: the meeting between Noth Korea’s leader and the United States President. Pompeo must set the best dates for both leaders and organize the main subjects to discuss. This move might take place in June and could finally get an agreement for denuclearization.