Packing Form



Dear Customer,

IMT's goal is to provide our clients with quality of services in a fast and professional way. Your suggestions will help us to monitor the performance of our team in the services provided to you. Please complete the following form.


1. Has the team arrived on time? YESAt Some PointNo

2. Was the staff friendly, helpful and professional? YESAt some pointNo


3. Has the movers handled your furniture with care? YESAt Some PointNo

4. Did you check in the rooms that nothing was left behind?YESAt Some PointNo


5. Have you signed your inventory after the end of the service? YESNo

6. At all times have you received support from our office? YESAt Some PointNo

7. What was your overall satisfaction with our performance? ExcellentGoodWeak

8. How would you rate (from 0 to 10) your overall satisfaction with our services?