Peru’s gastronomy is the best for 6th year consecutive

For the sixth consecutive year, Peru won the World’s Leading Culinary Destination, a prize granted at the 24th edition of the World Travel Awards. The ceremony took place at December 10 in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, and also recognized Portugal as Leading Destination, being the first time that an European country won the prize since it started.

Historically known for mixing indigenous and Spanish cultures, Peruvian gastronomy also takes advantage of 3 types of geography: sea, mountains and forest. But these aren’t the only reasons for the success. At least in the past 20 years, Peru’s government have been gathering forces and investing money to spread in marketing campaigns that culinary should be a main reason for tourists to visit Peru, and not only to check Machu Picchu.

After the creation of APEGA (Peruvian Society of Gastronomy) in 2007, chefs, restaurant managers, professors and other gastronomy professionals took command on promoting events and writing books to present Peru’s culinary for international critics and tourists. Today there is no doubt. The international Restaurant Magazine, among the best 50, lists 3 Peruvian restaurants in Lima, the same number as New York, London and Mexico City.

Machu Picchu

The historical compound in Peru won for World’s Leading Attraction. Machu Picchu ruins are a natural and cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site, title which reinforce all the rules for visitors, like timetable to start the trail and to leave the complex. Since 2011 Machu Picchu is limited to receive 2,500 visitors per day, but it still destination for 1,4 million every year.

About the Prize

World Travel Awards were created to recognize the best initiatives, projects, enterprizes and programs for hospitality and tourism. Founded in 1993, the prize acknowledge destinations, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and car-hire companies. The jury is formed by impartial hospitality experts from World Travel and Tourism Council.


Falkner Moreira
Content Producer