Airbnb takes part on civil construction

Known as the only hotel company which own not a single room, Airbnb emerged from a status of “start up player” to achieve the “disruptive business” title. Founded in 2008, the company is a collaborative marketplace for leasing and renting apartments, hostel beds and rooms all around the globe. And now Airbnb gathered forces with the Miami-based Newgard Development Group to construct residential buildings.

“Niido Powered by Airbnb” is the name of the first project that will take place in Kissimmee, Florida. With 324 units, Airbnb and Newgard intend to support home sharing through optimized apartments for a flexible living. Residents will be able to share space with anyone for up to 180 nights by the Friendly Buildings Program platform, a smartphone application.

In the app, residents may manage apartments’ rent by distance, with the support of an employee responsible for checking-in the guests. Harvey Hernandez, Newgard’s CEO, says Niido arrives as a model that will eliminate complications by encouraging house-sharing as a solution that works for most of the residents and travelers. Also it will add extra income to the owners and it will favor the guests experience to feel part of the city routine.

New strategies for hotels and resorts

The “old” hospitality economy have been feeling Airbnb’s impact. Companies everywhere are developing better services by adding extra experiences for the guests. Marriott Group, Starwood and Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resorts’ owner, takes advantage of influence to call client’s attention. The company invited Annika Sorenstam, one of the best feminine professional golf players, to give golf lessons to a few group of guests.

Hyatt Hotels are also changing strategies, offering an opportunity to join an excursion to Tokyo for new members in its loyalty program. The trip includes lessons about sake, Shinto religion and pop culture in Japan. Hilton Worldwide joined ride by giving special clients with a car passion the chance to drive a Lamborghini, accompanied by an instructor.

Falkner Moreira
Content Producer